No. Item PCB Assembly Capabilities
2 SMD Standard IPC-A-610
3 Lead Time 24 hours expedited service; 3-4 days for prototype PCB assembly
4 Board Size L50*W50mm ~ L510*W460mm
5 Board Type Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB, Metal Core PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB
6 Min. Component Package 01005(0.4*0.2mm)
7 Max. Component Size Unlimited
8 Maximum Component Assembly Accuracy (100FP) ±0.035mm(±0.025mm) Cpk≥1.0 (3σ)
9 Surface Finish lead/lead-free HASL, immersion gold etc.
10 Assembly Types Surface mount, Through-hole, Mixed technology (SMT & Thru-hole)
11 Component Sourcing Full turnkey (All components sourced by PCBGOGO), Partial turnkey, Kitted/Consigned
12 Component Types BGA 0.2mm pitch with X-ray testing, Passive components, Hard metric connectors, Cable & Wire, Bulk
13 SMT Parts Presentation Cut tape, Partial reel, Reel, Tube, Tray, Laser-cut stainless steel
14 Cable Assembly Custom cables, cable assemblies, wiring looms/harnesses and power leads
15 Stencils Stencil with or without frame (offered free by PCBGOGO)
16 Inspection Visual inspection; AOI checking; BGA placement – X-RAY checking
17 Assembly Capability 3-4 Million Soldering Leads per Day
18 DIP Component Processing 100 Thousand Soldering Leads per Day
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Testing & Inspection Capabilities
We not only assemble PCBs, but also do a thorough testing of the assembled boards. This ensures that the assembled circuit board is free from any defects. Here are our Testing & Inspection Capabilities:
X-ray Testing
This testing is commonly performed on Quad-flat No-lead (QFN) PCBs, and Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs).
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
We perform the automated optical inspection to check whether any components are missing. The solder paste, polarity, and 0201 components are also checked in this inspection.
Functional Testing
In this, we check the functionality of the PCB, and ensure whether the performance is according to the expectations.
Visual Inspection
As the name implies, visual inspection involves a general quality check of the circuit board.
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